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London Grammar - Hey Now (Sasha Remix)

We haven’t been that active lately and thats because of a lot of reasons, that are not of great importance here. What is important is that this marvelous song gave me the motivation to start writing again. 

It’s a remix of London Grammar’s Hey Now by the one and only DJ Sasha. About a year ago around this time he produced a remix for another indie song, namely Hot Chips “Flutes” who later became one of the best sold remixes of the year. So it’s no coincident that this remix is as good as the one a year ago. 

It builds up quite beautifully to a point at 4 minutes where the track reminds me of “Everything in its right place” by Radiohead. After that the voice of London Grammar is more prominent and the track starts firing from every angle. Enough said - dive into it!

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way2bobo @ disco|very|party

Last Thursday we had the pleasure to dj at disco|very|party in Bern, Switzerland. It was a nice little venue packed with motivated people. The whole party was super fun and was a big success. It was the very first party in a series of 3, which tries to mix up the student parties in Bern a little. 

So here’s why I’m writing this post. Friends of us and the creators of the party made a little aftermovie and I, for my part, think it’s awesome. Check it out!

posted by Nic

Justice - Access All Areas

I loved Audio, Video, Disco a lot on its own, but the moment when i realized how it all fit together was when i saw the live show in the winter of 2011. It really seemed to me that the album was made for being listened to in a huge arena with massive speakers and an amazing light show. I was in awe from the sheer power their sound developed in this setting.

Today Justice released a recording of this live show from Les Arènes de Nimes as their new live album titled Access All Arenas. If you missed them on the tour or like me just couldn’t wait to hear it again NOW IS THE TIME!

Get it on iTunes, order the CD or Vinyl, listen to it on Deezer, Spotify or rdio.

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Fancy - 69 (JBAG Remix)

Tuesday night mixmag was so kind to provide a live stream to Paris’ Social Club where Alan Braxe, Tensnake and DJ Falcon put up one hell of a party. I ended up watching the whole thing. Sadly the recording doesn’t seem to be available at the moment but in case they make it public again it should be here.

I particularly liked one of the songs Alan Braxe played that i didn’t know. Thanks to Shazam and the people in the streams live chat i found it luckily.

JBAG are Jerry Bouthier, whose Shindu Remix we posted in december, and Andrea Gorgerino.

The EP is out on the 6th of May, get it on iTunes!

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Russ Chimes - Turn Me Out (Video)

This is a new song from Russ Chimes. It’s a good song. Back 2 U was a better song. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this one but it’s a bit too housy. The video on the other hand is one of the best I’ve seen this year. I can’t really tell if it’s the woman, the colours, the robotic movement or just everything in its combination but with this video a can easily appreciate this track as much as Back 2 U. 

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Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy

One thing that bugs me the most in music industry these days is when members of a band decide to start their solo career and therefore abandon their band. I do not care if they can better explore their musical inspiration that way or whatever reason there might be for nor focusing on the band. A perfect example of this trend is Late of the Pier. They had one of the best albums in 2008 but after a two song EP in 2010 they had to go on hiatus because of frontman Sam Eastgate. This sounds harsh I know, but luckily there are a few exceptions, namely the solo-careerers that do not stop making music with their band. Touch Sensitive is the keyboardist Michael Di Francesco from Van She and a good example for that.  He put out a hell of a song with Pizza Guy. I might just say im looking forward for more, needless to say only if Van She will not disband.

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Bit Funk remixes Portland

I’m a big fan of Bit Funk’ music, but lately he wasn’t that active and his releases lost a bit of that old Bit Funk shine. But forget what I just said, he is back with a good one. His remix for Portland is as shiny as ever - plus the baseline is huge, nothing more to say.

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Marcus Marr - The Music

It’s really good to have one of our favourite blogs, Too Many Sebastians , actively posting again. Thanks to him i just found out about Marcus Marr, a producer from London.

About a month ago he released his single The Music on DFA. It’s kind of hard to apply a definite genre to it. I guess it’s a journey trough 70’s and 80’s music with many modern twists, which of course sounds a lot like what Daft Punk are apparently trying to do with their new album.. I know it’ll make the wait for Random Access Memories a bit shorter for me!

Also i like my tracks long, and this is a lovely 8 minutes..

Get the vinyl from the DFA store, or the digital release from iTunes (slightly different mix than the vinyl one above)!

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Disclosure - You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle

Another day with another absolutely stunning release from UK-based electronic duo Disclosure. The track again shines with wonderful vocals and very fresh vibes which give you the first taste of summer and festivals. Although it is very similar to earlier releases from them I think it is one of their stronger ones - but see for yourself.

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Bobmo - Sonic Soul

Lately i found that my choice in music has been hugely dominated by Parisian labels such as Marble and Bromance. Artists such as Surkin and all the guys from Club Cheval (If you haven’t yet, do absolutely check out Panteros666’s recent EP, Hyper Reality. And catch him live if you can!) have really struck a nerve with me with their recent releases. They’re very playful and experimental and that’s exactly what i want to hear from electronic music at the moment and what i’d love to hear in a club.

This week Marble’s Bobmo released his Sonic Soul EP. Listen to the teaser on soundcloud:

My favourite is the closing track, Hot Spot. I love the official release notes description:

"Hot Spot" sounds like setting fire to your ex-girlfriend’s stuff and dancing on the ashes while punching the air and stomping the floor, with a smile. Leather Electro Revenge."

Pretty accurate i’d say..

Listen to it on Youtube:

Buy the EP on iTunes or Beatport.