there ain't no way but the bobo way!

Ok, so its time for my Top 10 Remixes of the year 2011. This list was even harder to choose than the one with the originals. There were about 100 remixes this year that i could put in this Top 10 List. But nevertheless i chose these 10.5. (I was stuck at 11 tracks and choose to put them all into the list)

10th place

Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy (Vanguard Remix)

I first heard about Strange Talk on the Kitsuné Maison Compilation 10 about 2 years ago. The track “Climbing Walls” which was on that compilation is still one of my favourite track and i loved them since that day i heard this song. I never was a real fan of their song Eskimo Boy though, but the Vanguard Remix is just stunning. I already covered Vanguard in my Top 10 Originals, so it’s needless to say that they also know the art of remixing.

9.5th place

Baymont Bross & Sporty-O - Handz Sky Up (Alex Mind Remix)

I don’t know much about Alex Mind (that’s why it’s the 9.5th place), but I stumbled over this track on another blog, i think it was Discobelle. This track is a banger and i was looking out for other good Alex Mind tracks this year, but none of them was as good as this one.

9th place

Paradise 1976 - Summer Nights (Kamei Remix)

I only discovered Kamei at the end of this year and I had to find out that he has already been producing tracks for two years. He didn’t make it in my Top 10 Originals with his super funny track “Vegetables”, but he had definitely had a great impact on my year in music. This remix is super funky and pumping at the same time!

8th place

Medina - Addiction (Svenstrup & Vendelboe Remix)

Every time I listen to this track I have to laugh about the name Svenstrup & Vendelboe :). This two guys come from Copenhagen, Denmark and also produced a super End of 2011 Podcast. I heard this remix on Fear of Tiger’s “The Guestlist Podcast” which I covered a couple of weeks ago on the blog. I just love the female vocals over this big room house sample.

7th place

Walter Sobcek - Miami (Pharao Black Magic Remix)

The cool thing about this remix is, that Pharao Black Magic are a Duo from Basel, Switzerland. Basel is about 1 hour trainride from my hometown away. With this remix they got my attention, as before i was only told about them by a friend and never really listened to them. The Original by Walter Sobcek was already very neat, but the remix by this guys just gave me the right amount of base / beat - line I needed. 

6th place

Chromeo - Hot Mess (Oliver Remix)

I think Oliver had the most productive year of all the bands I follow. They put out one good remix / track after the other. This one is relatively old, as it came out at the beginning of the year. This summer I saw Chromeo live at a festival in Switzerland, propably the reason I just love this track so much. It’s funky, has e very good guitar riff but doesn’t lack trashy vocals either - wuuuat?

5th place

Kylie Minogue - Put Your Hands Up (Blue Satellite Remix)

I didn’t listen to much of Blue Satellite’s tracks thus far, but with Kylie Minogue probably beeing my most favourite female singer I defenitely love this one. Fear of Tigers always asks his guests in the podcast what they would choose if they could have one musical superpower. I think i would choose to be able to sing like Kylie! Her voice just goes perfect with the disco beat.

4th place

The Knocks - Brightside (Lenno Remix)

I talked about Lenno about a week ago. He is defenitely one of my most favourite Artist in the electronic music genre. I could have put almost every Lenno Remix of this year in this list, but i went with this one. I can not say it’s the best of all his Remixes, but i just think this one fits in best. For more infos about Lenno read the above mentioned article.

3rd place

Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

Goldroom is also an artist I discovered only this year. With this remix he produced something truly beautiful. I don’t know if it’s his beat or just the wonderful lyrics by Niki & The Dove but this song is pure harmony! Download it and listen to it over and over again, it’s wonderful!

2nd place

Sneaky Sound System - Big (Oliver Remix)

As you can see Oliver got two spots in my Top-List - it’s because they’re so good. The remix of the new Sneaky Sound System (also a very good collective) track Big is a masterpiece in my opinion. I think I listen to this track almost every day since it came out. 

1st place

Wolfgang Gartner - Cognitive Dissonance (‘96 Bulls Edit)

'96 Bulls are producing wonderful Remixes and Edits for a year now and I think I almost loved every one of them. But this one is by far the most impressive. I can't find the words to describe this big room banger, I think you just have to listen to it. When I have this track on my headphones - I have to dance, that's why i stopped listening to it in public transport. 

I think all in all it was a great year in electronic music. We saw some upcoming talents and some old folks who still know their bussines as well. Im very looking forward to 2012 because I think that these artist will pleasure us with more awesome productions. Stay tuned!