there ain't no way but the bobo way!

Here we go again, just like the originals, it was hard to choose only 10 tracks..

10th Place

Louis La Roche - The Wall (Shook Remix)

Shook is one of the funkiest things out there at the moment. In combination with Louis La Roche, what could go wrong?

9th Place

Foster The Pople - Helena Beat (Lenno Remix)

It was difficult choosing the ONE Lenno remix that should be in this list, they’re all great! I ended up with this one because i really like the original too..

8th Place

Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy (Vanguard Remix)

Same with Vanguard, so many great remixes.. This ones from the beginning of the year and  i still listen to it a lot. Also it’s a free download!

7th Place

Pink is Punk - King Of Destiny (The S Remix)

I just had to add thi10s one to the list. Mainly because The S had a short preview of it on their soundcloud for ages and i’ve been waiting for it since then. A couple of months ago it was finally released. It’s the “The S” signature turbo driving synths at their best.

6th Place

kap10kurt - Speed Demon (Justin Faust Remix)

He’s not only making great music, i’d also consider him one of the funniest guys on soundcloud. Go and check out the genre descriptions of his tracks for example.For this one it’s “Bro-Hop”.

5th Place

Irish Steph - Crush feat. Eleven (Eumig&Chinon Remix)

Fun fact, the name would definitely suggest otherwise, but it’s only one guy. Eumig & Chinon Remixes were one of the highlights of my year. He was a bit more active in the beginning of the year so i was happy when this track came up 3 months ago. Definitely check out his other stuff.

4th Place

Yelle - Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)

I love Yelle, i love Madeon, enough said :)

3rd Place

Wolfgang Gartner - Cognitive Dissonance (96’ Bulls Edit)

This track still blows me away everytime i listen to it. So much drive!

2nd Place

Sneaky Sound System - Big (Oliver Remix)

Like i said when i originally posted it, it’s not big, it’s HUGE! Oliver played a big part in the music i listened to frequently this year.

1st Place

Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Cosmonaut Grecko Remix)

<3 Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.