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Introducing bunterhund

Bunterhund is a Maastrich, Netherland based producer from Hamburg, Germany. With it’s 20 years of age he has already done a couple of really good tracks under several pseudenyms. As kind of a new years resolution he decided to start producing under the name bunterhund from now on. 

Growing up with Hamburgs unique clubbing scene, electronic music and weekly visits of clubs soon became a big part of his life. In Spring/Summer 2011 he spent half a year in Melbourne, Australia, where he went to a lot of concerts and gigs and eventually got to know Yeo. Half a year later he finished the remix of his track ‘At Rest’.

In a short questioning he described his musical style as follows:

bunterhund is my attempt to produce music with elements from house, techno and electro and combine these with indie/folk. The result is supposed to be a smooth combination of these genre that fits every mood. You can listen to it when you feel like dancing as well as in the few moments you don’t feel like partying.

Make sure you visit his soundcloud page. This is a real up and coming producer you have to watch.