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A Week In The Cloud #2

Well, here’s our second issue of “A Week In The Cloud”. We have once again some really good stuff for you! First of all there is another VANGUARD bomb - they just keep releasing very good tracks.


I just discovered that the track was released 11 month ago, but it popped up in my soundcloud feed some days ago anyway!

The next one is from french producer Mr. Gonzo. This is a very bubbly fishy disco track.

If someone says Kool & The Gang is oldfashioned they should listen to this 2012 disco edit by Alexandre Louvré. He did only change some finesses but they made the difference!

The last song for this week is from Mike Mago - a producer I talked about some weeks ago! It’s a super laidback disco-house (if that’s a thing) track. I just love it!

Well that’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend and have fun with these tracks!